Mounting remote SFTP/SSH shares on Mac OSX 10.9

January 13th, 2014 - Apple, How To, Linux, Tinkering

If you’ve always wanted a way to mount a remote SFTP/SSH accessible folder on your Mac OSX 10.9, well now there is a way to get you there! Basically you will have access to the remote share to access files. It will be SFTP over the SSH protocol and fully encrypted. Getting started Start by […]

Adding a non-standard WIFI card into an IBM T61 laptop

July 4th, 2012 - Apple, How To, SysAdmin, Thoughts & Rants

If you’ve the owner of a Lenovo IBM T61 7XXX model, and ever tried upgrading the internal mini pci-e card to something like 802.11BGN (N) you will find yourself running into an error that says: Well this error is because IBM added a whitelist to its BIOS, which basically means you are limited to only […]

Want to pretend you have an iPhone capable of 4g? Well install 5.1, available now!

March 7th, 2012 - Apple, Thoughts & Rants

If you’ve always wanted 4G speeds on your iPhone 4/4s, well now you can.. err.. somewhat, umm have it. As of today’s release of 5.1 iOS.

The iPhone Is a Nightmare For Carriers

February 8th, 2012 - Apple, In the News, Thoughts & Rants

According to the latest EBITDA numbers from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, the subsidies they have to pay Apple in order to carry the iPhone are drastically reducing their profits.

Updating XBMC on Apple TV 2, its easy, if you know how…

October 30th, 2011 - Apple, How To

If you’re like me and you didn’t really look into this much, you proably were left scratching your head, or just overwhelmed with the XBMC forums trying to find something that applied to you.

iPhone 4s adding a PAUSE into a dialstring, making Skype calls easier for your mobile.

October 21st, 2011 - Apple, How To, Reviews, Thoughts & Rants

If you are like me and you might have some friends who have extension numbers, or simply use something like Skype local calling (a local number, that you can dial to call international using your skype account), you want to make sure that your cell phone supports complex dial strings. I keep all my contacts […]

iPhone 4s battery problem. Possible quick solution to extend it?

October 20th, 2011 - Apple, Hardware, How To, In the News

I have been trying different settings, back and forth since I got the phone, and I really got good results by disabling the Location Services for the Reminders.