A3M – A CodeIgniter Account Authentication & Authorization Module Installation

November 29th, 2010 - PHP, Reviews, Thoughts & Rants

A3M has been updated: http://blog.biernacki.ca/2012/07/a3m-updated-to-latest-codeigniter-v2-1-2-named-pbj/. Please be aware, that this guide is currently outdated. So I became interested in creating a CodeIgniter openid application.  I really like the concept having used StackOverflow so long, that I decided to start looking for a means to do it.  After some searching and StackOverflow posting, I found a3m. […]

Apple Nano Watches?

November 17th, 2010 - Apple, In the News, Thoughts & Rants

This is ultimately pretty cool, but very unusable as an every day piece.  I really like my watch for the simple fact that it is always reliable, I never have to worry about charging it, the battery dies once in a blue moon (every couple years), plus I don’t own a Nano, and if I […]

Auto Industry’s Fastest Processor Is 128Mhz

November 15th, 2010 - In the News, Thoughts & Rants

Found this on Slashdot, and found it really interesting that the ‘top of the line’ microprocessor is only 128Mhz with 3mb onboard flash memory. Yeah I’m sure that it has to ‘survive’ environmental conditions that most CPU’s don’t but come on. You can put the processor outside of the engine compartment… right? Or maybe its […]