LEGO Album Covers

April 27th, 2010 - Reviews, Thoughts & Rants

I found this Flickr group thanks to, was browsing the ‘woot-off’ and seen their blog entry, very cool album covers all show using LEGO pieces.  Very cool that they combined a childhood toy with the album covers we’ve all come to love. Check it out here:

Blagojevich finally kicked off Celebrity Apprentice

April 5th, 2010 - In the News, Reviews, Thoughts & Rants

I really liked last nights episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, and I’m happy to say good riddance to Rod Blagojevich.  He is an insult to being a Governor, the state of Illinois should be shocked to have had that fraud as someone in power.  I really believe that the way someone behaves under a task […]

Stats: Online dating

April 1st, 2010 - Thoughts & Rants

Found this great chart for online dating, I was surprised to see that the PORN industry is suffering due to online dating? Wow.. economy is really bad now…

Young job seekers hiding their online status from employers

April 1st, 2010 - In the News, Thoughts & Rants

Interesting to see that most new young job seekers are hiding their online status, wether it is on facebook, myspace, or even on linkedin (their non professional network). I found this article to be right on the money, people are used to ‘Googeling’ someone prior to an interview, and trying to get as much detail […]