ONKYO Remote RC-710M

I’ve got an ONKYO 7.1 surround sound home theater system, and in the past 6 months the volume buttons stopped working, well not stopped… they would periodically work if you mashed/held the buttons (up or down) but generally they stopped being responsive.

After searching online, I almost bought a new remote on ebay just to make the problem go away, there just didn’t seem to be reliable information on the remote itself, let alone how to fix the issue.

Luckily, I searched a bit longer, and found an obscure reference to someone taking the remote apart and cleaning the connectors under the volume buttons.

What I did to open the remote:

  1. Remove the remote batteries (open cover)
  2. Unscrew the single screw in the battery tray
  3. Use a guitar pick or plastic thin device to open the remote (it has plastic clips that hold it together that will ‘pop’ free, just apply the right amount of pressure and work your way around.
  4. Cleaned the ‘gunk’ that was very visible in the area of the volume buttons (oil from fingers? maybe glue? not sure)
  5. Isopropyl alcohol with a q-tip worked well, and dried the area with a paper towel after.
  6. Closed everything back up.

That quick process got my remote working back to 100%

So if you have a problem with your volume on the ONKYO┬áRC-710m Remote, don’t panic, just clean it!