Why I think LOST Finale sucked…

May 24th, 2010 - In the News, Thoughts & Rants

/rant on So I’ve been a loyal LOST viewer for the past 6 seasons.  I almost gave up on it last season, as it was getting boring, and nothing was being answered and more ‘questions’ were being put up.  But I held in there, I held on tight, and I thought to myself.  It will […]

Drag images into your email messages using Gmail

May 13th, 2010 - In the News, Javascript, Thoughts & Rants

I read this morning that Google added the ‘drag-n-drop’ feature to image attachments to mail.  Which is pretty exciting because if you think about it, you are really dragging an image INTO a browser.  I’m really curious what type of Javascript handling you need behind the scenes in order to ‘capture’ the image / attachment […]