Hey there, my name is Jakub (yes.. with a K, and a U… no its not Jack, its pronounced `Jacob`)

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You probably got here through a search on some topic I wrote about, but well doesn’t matter, important thing (and surprising thing) is that you found this place at all. I mainly blog on here about things that may be relevant to me, or as a means to document things that I have touched or come in contact with (or broke).

If you enjoy some of my posts, by all means leave a comment. If you think you would like to hire me for based on my skills, please let me know. I also do consulting on the side in the areas of:

  • Web development (web applications, migrating an old `end-of-life` application to an efficient web-application that can be easily accessible, a good example would be a support ticket system for a small business, or portal for communication and collaboration).
  • Collaboration support (you need to communicate, let me help you get your business online and started the right way — includes email, web hosting, design, you name it. I have had experience doing it all).
  • Support (need someone to maintain your webserver, don’t want to hire a full time IT person? Let me know).
  • Training (I have played with a lot of applications — especially web based ones, I might be able to help, let me know).
  • and more… (really.. just email me to ask).

If you would like to contact me, about the blog or Webmojo.ca please send email to jakub@webmojo.ca. Or simply comment on the blog and I will get back to you.

Thanks for reading!