Disappointed with iPod Touch 4th generation camera

December 26th, 2010 - Apple, Thoughts & Rants

As you can guess I got an iPod 4th Generation for Christmas, Santa got me an upgrade from my 1st generation ipod touch (which was well needed). But after playing with it, and taking some photos I was quickly scratching my head. I was confused why a 5 MPX camera was constantly taking shitty photos, […]

Updating Coldfusion 9 to 9.0.1 on Linux J2EE

December 17th, 2010 - Coldfusion, How To

So I have never done this before, and I figured for everyones benefit I would document the process from my end. I am faced with updating Coldfusion 9 to 9.0.1 for our production server. This server is running JBoss with CF9 running inside of it (J2EE WAR file). Here is the process I took: Downloaded […]