ipod 4 camera sucks!As you can guess I got an iPod 4th Generation for Christmas, Santa got me an upgrade from my 1st generation ipod touch (which was well needed). But after playing with it, and taking some photos I was quickly scratching my head. I was confused why a 5 MPX camera was constantly taking shitty photos, very poor quality photos and equally bad video. I honestly didn’t know what was going on. And I plan on bringing it into an Apple store to complain, because I expected a usable camera the likes of the iPhone 4th generation.

What you get with the iPod 4th gen is the following for a camera:
0.7 megapixel!!?

What you get with the iPhone 4th gen is the following camera:
5.0 megapixel

Confused? Yeah me too… WTF!? springs to mind immediately. I am honestly mad. Here is a comparison on the pervious iPhone models (notices these came way before the iPod 4th gen.

iPhone 3G
2 megapixel

iPhone 3GS
3.2 megapixel

From the moment the newest generation of iPod came to market I wanted to upgrade to gain the camera feature. I could live without iOS 4.2 but I wanted a camera on my iPod so that I could take some photos regularly as I seen my colleagues do with their iPhone 3Gs & 4th Gens.

Here is a comparison photo iPod Touch 4 vs the iPhone 4:

I thought I was ‘doing it’ wrong when I started taking Christmas photos, they were all coming out dark and blurry. I really am bummed about the whole affair. I feel cheated. Why would Apple screw iPod users over by throwing in a SUB megapixel camera?? Why? Its so pointless I can’t even fathom why you would put that feature in if it was such poor quality. I always expected high quality from Apple, and this is the first time that I feel cheated.