I seen this article on slashdot, and it made me smile:

“According to the latest EBITDA numbers from AT&T, Sprint, and Verizon, the subsidies they have to pay Apple in order to carry the iPhone are drastically reducing their profits. From the Article: ‘”A logical conclusion is that the iPhone is not good for wireless carriers,” says Mike McCormack, an analyst at Nomura Securities. “When we look at the direct and indirect economics that Apple has managed to extract from the carriers, the carrier-level value destruction is quite evident.”‘ So one money sucking leech has attached itself to another money sucking leech?”

I love the last bit about one leech onto another leech 😉

Somehow I have no pitty for the likes of AT&T & telco’s, for years they’ve f’d over customers, now they are getting burned on their bottom line, and they can’t seem to pass it on to consumers as they are being squeezed from both sides.