Every notice that you get really bad performance battery lately? It started for me when I upgraded my iPodTouch Gen4 model to iOS 4. Since then I have been very unhappy with the battery life…

I decided to do some digging and searching, afterwards through some trial and error I discovered that the location services actually is VERY active while you are connected on wifi. The service is constantly updating your location (via triangulation / MAC address or gateway). I decided to take it a bit further and do some testing by disabling that service. After some testing, I found that DISABLING LOCATION SERVICES totally would eliminate my 3-5 hour battery life.

My battery life has returned, and I am able to actually go 2 days of normal usage (music, some app usage which may or may not be graphics intensive) on my iPod, personally I don’t care about the location awareness as I don’t use any apps that really need it and can’t live without it.

Give it a try if you are suffering from poor battery life, it worked for me. Enjoy!