Hey… psst! Want an Apple TV 2? No? Wait wait.. you can hack it you know.. anyway. If you are one of the few that has wondered if the Apple TV 2 was for you, wait no more, as you can buy the silly little black box used and save yourself about $20 bucks.

I’m not really about pitching stuff on my blog, but I was excited to find (on ebay of all things) Cowboom.com, a Best Buy ‘Outlet’ that sells referbs and used devices / laptops etc;

The great thing is they sell the Apple TV 2 for $79.99! Which is great, personally I could care less if the Apple TV was pre-opened or not, the model I got was brand spanking new looking, and I saved $20 bucks.

Anyway, my plan for my ATV2 is to hack it with XBMC and run my local network shows/movies off it. Saves my MacMini from being dedicated to just that effort, and for $80 bucks, hey its a no brainier. Plus Apple products have a tendency to keep their value well, so I’m sure if I get tired of this I can pawn it off on ebay for almost the same amount that I purchased it for.