I’m so sick and tired of articles always stating that companies are putting throttling into place due to the `5%` of user being bandwidth hogs. I mean if it is ONLY 5% how is that impacting 95% of users? This would imply that 5% of users could technically cut others off from using the internet either via mobile phones or now in Canada metered bandwidth from Bell Canada or Rogers, etc.

Verizon is now doing the same in anticipation of having those ‘hogs’ on their network… right…

I need to question if this is rather a well marketed PR ploy to limit bandwidth utilization by their customers. I honestly cannot see 5% being the cause for restrictions, how would that impact the bottom line? Most likely the usage would be spread out and covered by that 95% other user base.

As people use more content on the net, it looks like ISPs of all shapes and sizes are being overwhelmed, like the whole Netflix fiasco, where networks are crying foul that too much bandwidth is being used for viewing videos, when in fact they themselves support ‘Triple play’ packages to stream movies to customers in much the same fashion. So it just becomes a matter of being greedy.

Here is an idea, instead of limiting internet usage ISPs, just upgrade your networks to TRULY support your customer base. Stop overselling an infrastructure that you yourself point out cannot support your users.

Verizon iPhone throttle:

/end rant