This American LifeSince the beginning of utilizing pod casts, I tried to find one podcast that would keep me coming back. A podcast that would keep me interested and excited when a new release came out.

I can happily say that after a few years or listening, that This American Life, is one of my favorites.

The presentation by Ira Glass [main host] and the captivating stories that change weekly, keep me listening and interested as I drive along. Every week they have an interesting topic to listen to, from love, politics and slew of topics are tackled in a ‘story’ basis, where different people provide stories.

A good example would be the story of a woman trying to find her family’s past, by digging she discovers that her great grandfather was actually kidnapped from another family, which creates an issue and alienates her from the rest of her family. Stories like this captivate the listener, and make them come back for more.

I just can’t recommend this one enough, on your podcast list. Give it a try, I guarantee you won’t be deleting it anytime soon.  Also for a laugh, I suggest Wait wait, don’t tell me…

All podcasts available via the NPR website.