mobile_138740f_enI have been waiting since I first hacked my iTouch to get Google Sync capabilities, and now the day has come. I don’t have to try to shell out money for MobileMe (which is not something I would use anyways as I am primarily a Windows user), nor do I have to hack the iPhone / iTouch to get the 3rd party loader / app that syncs.

Because the other day Google unveiled its sync capability for the iPhone / iTouch.  Without going into too much detail, all you need to know is that you set it up like Microsoft Exchange, in-fact, exactly like MS Exchange for the iPhone/iTouch.

Before we begin, this WILL delete your current contacts/calendar on your iPhone / iTouch

Go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > Add Account …

Once there, select Microsoft Exchange Server [top select item for me], fill it out, hit next.
When asked Server address is:

Now this service ONLY works for CONTACTS & CALENDAR, so don’t go removing your Gmail account just yet. Google promises to add that functionality later.

There you have it!