For the longest time, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my MP3 audiobooks in iTunes to pop up under the damn ‘Audioboooks’ folder (so they are nice and organized, maybe I just like my mp3s tidy.. *shrug*). Below is all the info to help you organize your audio just the way you want it (well at least the audiobooks portion).

Well today I found a post by someone, and it was the simplest most straight forward solution.  I am currently running: iTunes - Change Media Kind

So the millage will vary on your version of iTunes (I think this is 8+ compatible tho as before you had to go about it a different way).  Essentiall you right click on an MP3 file once it is imported into your ‘Music’ folder, pull up the ‘Get Info’ window, click on the ‘Options’ tab, and flip the ‘Media Kind’ to Audiobook.

Oh so very simple and elegant.  I quickly tossed all my mp3s that were Audiobooks into my Audiobook
folder this way, so it is organized on my iPod Touch now.