If you have a Motorola Xyboard MZ615-16 10.1″ tablet and have been experiencing charging issues (with the tablet, not the charger) then this is a little bit of info for you.  I found this while doing some googling for a solution to the tablet charging issue I have. The quote below outlines ‘tightening’ the connector, as you may have a loose connection when charging.

Repairing integrity of a micro USB cable receptor

This procedure is intended to reestablish the shroud ground of any micro USB cable receptor if it becomes damaged due to stress bending resulting from pressure placed on it when the adapter is accidentally struck while engaged.  Chargers and cables can be easily and cheaply replaced.  the receptor, however, if it is damaged, may cost more to replace. than the device is worth.  Oftentimes the problem is one that can be repaired without the need of a service technician.  The ground for a usb cable of any kind is the shroud that encases the pin connectors inside.  If the receptor shroud becomes bent to the point where it becomes loose enough that a poor or no connection is made with the adapter cable connector, no charging or computer connection is possible.  Commonly this is the result of the spreading of shroud on the bottom side (flat side as seen from the front on the xyboard 10.1 and facing the backside of the unit) where there is a seam in it (you might need a magnifying glass to see the split in the shroud).  There are two prongs on the underside (again flat side) of the cable tip that put pressure on the shroud as it is inserted, momentarily forcing the seam apart.  Once inserted (the cable tip should “snap” into place) as the receptor shroud springs back closed at the seam to help make a good contact between the receptor shroud and the adapter cable tip shroud insuring a good ground.  When bent due to stress, as stated above, the contact is insufficient to create a good ground.
Solution:  Carefully insert a thin, narrow flathead screwdriver (less than 1/2 the width of the flat,  split, side of the receptor shroud) 1/4″ deep between the outside of the shroud and the device that surrounds it.  Please note, I wrote “outside”.  Never place anything “inside” the receptor.  Slide the screwdriver to either edge of the shroud (the tip of the screwdriver closest to the middle of the shroud should be just shy of the middle so that the screwdriver is only on one side of the split in the shroud) and twist the screwdriver in the direction that will lift the side of the screwdriver that faces the center, bending the shroud inward.  Do this lightly!  Slide the screwdriver to the other side of the shroud and repeat.  Test to see if the connection is tighter.  Repeat as many times as it takes for the connection to feel as tight as when new.  If that was your only problem, the device should now charge and connect like new.  If not, the loose connection wasn’t the only problem.  Possibly it was loose enough, long enough to damage the pin connections inside the receptor.  If it is only the pins in the cable tip, a new charger or charger dock might do the trick.  I used this technique on a droid phone that wouldn’t charge and it worked like a charm.  Just remember to start out slowly and you’ll determine how much twist pressure is necessary to bend the shroud back into place.  It will take 1/4 the time than it took to read this and might save. you from throwing away an otherwise good device.



Don’t fall for the numerous people telling you to buy an ‘HD dock’ to fix your port issue, it can’t be fixed with a dock.  If your standard issue Motorola charger (that came with it) won’t do the trick, then don’t waste money on a dock.  I am still trying to track down a fix.

Currently I am angling the charger cable in such a way that it ‘charges’.  I am going to attempt the suggestion above that I quoted, but I don’t think it will fix it. It is either a bad USB connector that needs to be replaced (seen a few replacements that require soldering on ebay). If you have any good suggestions or found the board to replace (preferred method), please post below and lets help out everyone else searching for an answer.