Woo, well I’m happy to announce that after slaving away on a few dark wintery nights, I have put enough time into building a new version for my consulting company — Webmojo.ca

About Webmojo…

Webmojo is a collaborative effort by skilled individuals, each with their own unique set of skills and area’s of expertise.  Our mesh of knowledge & experience allows us to uniquely position our business venture to fit our customers needs.

If you find yourself in need of:

  • Managed Web Hosting solution (we take care of it all from the ground up!)
  • Website, Email, Calendar, and Collaboration setup for your business
  • Web Design / Development
  • Custom Web App development (think scheduling system, or order processing…)
  • Research in areas of Search Engine Optimization (SEO), how to best position your site for your audience
  • Project Management (you’ve got the idea, you need someone to see it through to the end!)
  • Content Development (helps with your SEO, also good for keeping your audience coming back).
  • Web Marketing

Then look no further, because there’s a team for that.

Marketing pitch aside, there are of course many other things we do, so if you have a web based business problem, feel free to contact us to go over your idea.

Visit Webmojo.ca now!