It_came_out_of_nowhereAfter rolling into work today, I quickly checked Woot! and found that thye put up the greatest shirt I have ever seen (other than my coveted ‘Mr.Spock’ shirt).  Well the shirt was a reference to two great shows, Dr.Who & Back to the Future.  It is still available in the reckoning (when it is back in stock).  But currently you may check out the photo of it here, and the site entry here.

I really do love shirts, when they are good.  But lately they have been rather dissapointing.

For those that have no idea what the site is about, it is “a shirt a day” and most shirts are community submitted entries that get printed, and the winning entry gets the royalties (not sure what percent, but they make money off it).

UPDATE (5/19/2009):

I just purchased the next day of this shirt, so I’m happy its in the mail and coming my way from woot!