I needed to generate roughly 50k unique serials. So I searched the web and found one solution, which I modified slightly and created to fit my needs. Its in PHP and will output a generated comma delimited CSV column1, column2 format (MS Excel will open that up for editing).

When I generated 50k serials, I used Office 2007’s Functions to remove duplicates (I didn’t code this into PHP as it was a waste of time for me due to the nature of what I needed the output for).

To give you an idea how many dupes I got it was about 1k dupes our of 50k serials, so not bad. One way to get around not having duplicates (if you use this for a web based serial number process) would be to combine the generated serial with say a database column that only takes unique serials, so if you have an existing serial, simply generate another and you shouldn’t have any problems).

Download the Code:
PHP Serial Generator