After a couple years of searching for a solution to automate MSAccess to MySQL conversion (for work purposes) I’ve found one lone site that has a bunch of great freeware apps. Very convenient and quite usefull.

This application is quite amazing and since yesterday I can’t stop raving about it (simply because I’ve had to do msaccess exports manually for the past 2 years now and they have been a pain each step of the way). With this I can quite easily dump all the data I need to a MySQL DB and be done with it. Its command line interface as well so you can quite simply setup a windows event to do timed dumps of data.

Also useful if you are converting a MSAccess DB to MySQL (expanding on a basic concept etc..).

Either way, the program is called ‘Access To MySQL‘ and the prerequisites for it are: Windows 2k or later and Mysql ODBC driver. So if this is something up your alley, give it a try, also check out some of the other apps that the author has created, the one I find most promising is ‘Dataceptor‘.