hard-drive-badcrashMaybe I’m overly anal, maybe I just like to bitch and rant about stupid things, but I’ve been really annoyed by people constantly saying “my hard drive crashed”.  The part that irks me is that most of this I hear from IT professionals, and this type of answer is just so laymans terms that it doesn’t even begin to explain ‘what’ happened.  A hard drive was not in a vehicular accident, it did not run into another hard drive (or the inside of the PC case for that matter), so why keep saying it ‘crashed’?  Does that mean it broke and that the platters are damaged physically? Or the boot sector?

I just don’t get it! I’m all for stupid terms like ‘inter-tubes’ or ‘inter-webs’.  But ‘hard drive crashing’ is somethign hard drives just don’t do.

But anyways, I searched for the term ‘hard drive crashed’ and it came back with a ton of results, people saying their hard drive crashed, etc. 

Is it just me? Or does anyone else find this particularly annoying when someone in IT says it like they don’t know their hard drive from their PCI card.