I don’t know, maybe its just me, but I’ve been getting very annoyed by the Apple App Store lately when I try to get some useful free iPod touch apps.  Everything I find in the top 25 list is ‘LITE’ version branded, basically they don’t call it a ‘DEMO’ anymore [remember Apogee demos?]. It is now a lite version that only serves to tease someone into spending $0.99+ on the non-lite version.

Just call it a demo already and put it into another section.

It is probably that I am just cheap and refuse to buy crap off the App Store that I won’t use (99% of the free apps I have are pointless) the ones that I do like are card games, and I can’t find a decent TEXAS HOLD’EM poker game.

What angers me is that the pollution of the ‘FREE’  section is getting out of hand, as of today [March 31 2009], of the top free apps I see 58 of top 100 free apps are LITE versions, the majority of those are in the top 50, with the bottom 50 being where the actual useful ‘free’ apps are.

Apple should clean-up the “Top Free Apps” section

Maybe provide a “Demo” section / category, so we get that junk out of there.  Times like these I really miss the jailbroken installer, which did a great job by itself since many of the games / apps were very useful.