So I’m a big fan of flash games, and lately I’ve been playing a ton of them (thank you work! Ahem… at lunch of course). Anyways, the ones that I really enjoy (and also equally find frustrating) are the ‘Tower Defense’ flash games.

Anyways I came across a few notes regarding Macromedia flash and the way it stores integer values in memory, well to make that short, basically if you have a game that gives you $100 gold you have to multiply that by 8, so:

100 x 8 = 800 (integer value that you’d search for in memory)

Initially I just tried modifying the memory values that equaled the amount of say $100 for in-game money. I usually just used the program ‘ArtMoney’, but it has some limitations (read on). After some searching, I came across an EVEN better program than ArtMoney (since ArtMoney requires you to purchase it or it cripples some functions).

The program that I found was Cheat Engine. Cheat engine allows you to basically make the search more efficient than with Artmoney. Give it a try by playing Tower Defense and using Cheat Engine to modify the integer values. Simply select the process you wish to modify (for example Firefox.exe if you are playing the game in the Firefox browser). Then search for the value you wish to find (keep in mind, Y x 8 = number you want). What you will have to do is build some strutures, and then wait for the money to increase slightly. When it increases / changes, search again. Using this method of elimination helps you find the proper memory location to edit.

Keep in mind that changing the wrong values could create problems, like crashing your browser (usually).

Any questions? Just post your comments.