So I’ve had the ASUS EeePad Transformer TF101 for almost 2 years now, and have been pretty happy with it, but it has gotten quite laggy and the input is always delayed. It could be a cause of the number of apps installed over that period of time, or simply that I’m used to using ‘faster’ tablets (work etc;).

I decided then to liberate my ASUS TF101 from it’s stock locked (no longer supported by ASUS 4.0.3 ICS rom). Some googling quickly got me plenty confused, as the content is “ancient” (in technical terms) from 2010/2011/2012. But I happened to find a starting point for a one-click root/recovery flash:

I grabbed:
V0.42- TwrpyIndri Cutting Edge – 14.15MB
Version 0.42 — Recommended (TWRP

And simply proceeded through the guide, plug in tablet, make sure USB debugging is enabled (had that already). Then just run the .bat file from the package under CMD in administrator mode (this is all for Windows 7).

The install is guided, and pretty much “one click”, you traverse their interactive menu by hitting Y/N as choice options. I was able to pull this off without any problems, and my heartrate didn’t even spike and there was no wringing or fingers.

Once that was done, I went ahead and reviewed the notes for the KitKat guide & downloaded the right roms:

It really went very smoothly, in this order:

  1. Download necessary Android ROMs + One-click root
  2. Download latest Gapps Package (for google play store and google apps)
  3. One-click the TF101, backup stock rom to microSD
  4. Using TWRP (from one-click) Factory Reset
  5. TWRP > Format
  6. Install zips (ROMs off microSD, including gapps after kitkat)

Hope it goes smoothly for you! If I can help with any questions, let me know. The ASUS TF101 KK 4.4.2 has been running beautifully since the flash. Much smoother and more responsive than what I got out of stock ICS 4.0.3.

Update 02/09/2014

After running KitKat since the 02/02/2014, I can state that I’ve installed many of the apps I’ve used before on ICS and none have had crashes or issues. The tablet response is smooooooth and well worth the fuss to update from stock ASUS firmware. If you have a TF101, this will breathe new life into an ‘older’ device.

Update 03/11/2014

A few people seem to be confused about gapps and needing to install that rom. ALL 3rd party Android ROMs are without google apps, it is a licensing issue that prohibits combined distribution. So you need to install them yourself using the additional rom. It’s easy to do, just install the gapps rom after you install kitkat.

  • Stephane Dorion

    Hey there, I’m curious as to whether or not you’ve kept your TF101 with kitkat installed on it? Still runs smooth and stable? I’ve a TF101 as well and been bugged by how it has gotten slow overtime to a point i can barely stand it. did you end up flashing it with another rom or is the one linked here the on you still use?

  • Jakub

    Stephane, If you notice I *JUST* posted this, and am still using KitKat as of Feb 2nd…
    The release has been very stable and I have no regrets with the update. New life in the TF101.

  • Stephane Dorion

    lol, somehow my head didn’t register the date, i was googling around for info on kitkat and the TF and most forums threads and blogs had a last activity date of about two-three weeks.
    thanks for the info, I’ll flash my TF this weekend with the directions you gave here. will let you know if it turns out different for me

  • Russ

    I installed it… However I do not see Google play… Nor do I see where to install apps

  • Jakub

    It’s right in the guide, you must not have followed it -> “Latest Gapps Package” is one of the zips you have to install, this is standard install for any non Google os installs due to licensing restrictions on the gapps.

  • Paladin

    Thanks for sharing this. I installed it and it works very well. As a suggestion, you might to specify which files to download i.e., I was stumped for a while since I didn’t install the gapps. I came back over to your page and read your response to Russ comments and resolved the issue.

  • willswing77

    Thanks and drumrolls also from my side! It worked perfectly for me. After reading in so many googled articles which didn’t help, yours was great and strigth forward. My (small) confusion was with what I have to download. Your first item states “Download necessary Android ROMs + One-click root” I only downloaded one file (the rom) plus the gapps and this was enough.
    My TF101 works fine. First thing I tried is the multiuser feature of Kitkat, since the whole family uses the tablet. Five stars to this feature as well!

  • Jakub

    @willswing77:disqus one thing I can note that I am not sure on is that Netflix crashes. I’m not sure if this is a KitKat OS issue or just for me running this ROM. Can you confirm if Netflix works for you?

  • Jakub

    I am seeing crashing (regular) with Netflix app. Can you confirm if you’ve done your install? Curious if it is just me.

  • Stephane Dorion

    Yup. I confirm. It is frequent enough that i stopped trying to use it. I haven’t tried to fix it either because I do not really need it on my tablet.

  • willswing77

    Sorry, I do not use Netflix. It is not available in Switzerland either. So I can’t tell.

  • Nathaniel
  • Kwaazaar

    I copied the roms/zips to the internal storage, which was pretty stoopid, since step one was to wipe the internal storage. After some hustle with getting stuff on a micro SD, I got things running.

  • Keith

    After many problems with the install all caused by my lack of understanding of what I was doing, I got 4.4.2 working. It is in every way much better than 4.03, no more disappearing icons and everything faster and smoother.

    Thank to all that made this available.

  • Levy

    Which version should I download? Or do I download all of them?
    Latest Dev | Mirror1 | Mirror2
    Latest Stable Version:
    Latest NonLinaro Version:

  • Jakub

    I’d go with the stable build, unless you want “bleeding edge”. Otherwise research what “nonlinaro” means, as I’m not sure.

  • Levy

    Thank you, Jakub! Sorry to bother you, but could you please explain in the simplest form for a noob like me. I am really confuse about “Then just run the .bat file from the package under CMD in administrator mode”

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  • ak

    just dont get it—not experienced…dont get it

  • Jakub

    Umm okay…

  • Grimpozarbre

    It’s just wonderful !!! Many thanks for your work !

  • yyxtine2

    Just wanted to say thanks…I am not at all at ease doing those upgrades…but I wanted a specific app to able to run on my Asus eee pad etc…so, I started the journey to upgrade it. IT worked ! I was so happy…and a bit proud of myself ! My tablet is so fast…and …I can now read my LaPresse+ on it !
    thansk so much !