If you’ve always wanted 4G speeds on your iPhone 4/4s, well now you can.. err.. somewhat, umm have it. As of today’s release of 5.1 iOS. Your 3G symbol (if you are on AT&T) will be changed to 4G. Why you might wonder? Well its just another bait and switch from Apple & your friends at AT&T.

Oh don’t worry it will still be painfully slow, and you will feel like you are driving a Chevette with a BMW logo on it. But thats how the marketing works these days, its a typical bait and switch.

But I guess you can see a screenshot to be sure:

The iPhone 4S supports HSPA+ networks up to 16 megabits per second, which is just enough to count as 4G in AT&T’s book as well as that of the FCC (even though HSPA+ is not technically a fourth-generation technology like LTE). When the iPhone 4S first launched in October, 2011, Apple revealed that it was working together with AT&T to make the 4G indicator show up.

Quote Source: http://venturebeat.com/2012/03/07/want-to-pretend-your-iphone-4s-is-4g-just-install-ios-5-1/

Personally, I think I am going to call up AT&T support, and demand a reduction in my monthly fee, if I am paying for 4G service and getting pitiful throughput in my area, which supposedly has `great` coverage. Yet another reason to love AT&T, now with more market speak.

Its just funny, that nothing improves for the throughput but they have reason enough to change the symbol to something that is INVALID.