Since I got my iPhone 4s, I’ve been scratching my head (as well as many of you) trying to figure out why the stupid phone eats the battery like nobody’s business. The iPhone 4s battery sucks, at least that’s what what everyone is complaining about. I left my iPhone4s overnight after charging it to 100%, and when I woke up it was sitting at 56% after about 6 hours of sitting idle next to my bed.

I don’t know about you but isn’t standby mode advertised `up to` 200 hours? Maybe that `up to` really needs quotations as it might require shutting the phones capabilities off completely (airplane mode?). I can’t imagine why anyone would want a smart phone only to disable data, gps, wifi, etc; to get it to run for min 1-2 days without a recharge.

How to get your iPhone 4s working

Anyway, cutting the rant short, I have been trying different settings, back and forth since I got the phone, and I really got good results by disabling the Location Services for the Reminders (as I imagined they ping quite frequently to get the GPS bearing, as the reminders are location specific now). Recall that SIRI is capable of setting a reminded for “when I get home” or “when I get into the office”. Those are features, that one would imagine require constant GPS checking (after all checking every 15/20 minutes doesn’t make sense.. I could get home in under that time and then what? Later reminder.

Give it a try, see how it goes. I know I have my Apple ‘fast lane’ support call scheduled, as I can’t stomach a phone that only has battery life for ~6hrs or so with full features.