/rant on

So I’ve been a loyal LOST viewer for the past 6 seasons.  I almost gave up on it last season, as it was getting boring, and nothing was being answered and more ‘questions’ were being put up.  But I held in there, I held on tight, and I thought to myself.  It will all make sense in the end, some questions will be answered!

Well come the day of the ‘great’ LOST finale, and I sit down to watch (what seemed like 1h of commercials) a 2 hour season finale (hey JJ Abrahms, hope you squeezed your moneys worth out of this series).  Its ok, I just paused it, and let the DVR record, then I quickly (once I had 20 min built up) watched and fast forwarded through them to get to the end.

From about season 2, I had thoughts that maybe, the island is really purgatory, that maybe all it is to represent is a location where they ‘wait’, they wait and then go ‘home’ or wherever they need to go. I had thoughts that maybe they all just died, and the point was, they were ‘stuck’ unable to leave (hence no ship would leave, or flying wouldn’t work right).  Anyways forget all the theories, because the producers of LOST really sealed the deal, buy telling you that EVERYONE DIES SOMEDAY…

Really!? WTF… thats the ONLY explanation people get, that ‘we all die at different times, some day’.  Thanks brainiacks, really cut short the ending.  What makes matters worse is you got all these people saying how they ‘cried’ during the finale, ok fine, some emotional moments, but suck it up.. it was really just a ‘wrap up’ episode, people kissed, they held hands, and basically were re-united in a frickin church (lack of Christian relics btw… ooo… way to leave it open there, maybe another season to answer what the finale was really all about? hmmm JJ?).

When it all ended, I just sat there stunned, and all I could mutter was “I am sooooooo disappointed!”, to which my lovely GF told me, lets go to bed (smart girl, I should have just forgotten about the show, as I felt it was going nowhere, but I put in the time hoping to squeeze some amount of answers out of it all).

People will say, “well you didn’t HAVE to watch for 6 seasons! They didn’t force you!”, well duh, of course they didn’t.  I feel like I was reading a great book, it started out great (first 50 pages), then it got kind of slow, and lost some track, but it picked back up with new twists to the story line, however nearing the end, it began to feel like things were made up, like nothing made sense anymore, it all felt, rushed, and pointless, like a big o’l money train running down the rails, to bank town, just stretching the time before the conductor could jump off ‘money-bags’ in hand, and laugh all the way to the bank.

And that is what happened, LOST was a show that could have ended in 3 seasons (seems like a good timeline).  It could have been like some SUPERB BBC shows (Office? Extras?), but it was never given.. a length of time to live, it was told “do good in 3 episodes, or we axe you”.  So the producers & writters scrambled, and put together a great story.  A story that got people hooked, then once they got green-lit for more.. and more.. it was like a cocaine habbit, just get the shit out the door as fast as you can make it!  Forget that it makes sense, or that we veer from the story line… lets just add shit, like the others are just people (who know why there were there), or Dharma initiative (who cares why they were there, and what all the stations were for)… and on and on…


I’m so high on a soap box right now, I am getting altitude sickness, and I don’t even wanna know what my blood pressure is, cause I know its high, as I am furious at how poorly the show ended.  Maybe I am one of those people that just “didn’t get it!” as some chatters put it (sitting on the ABC lost chat).  I think I got it. I got it quite clear, and I was disappointed.  I was disappointed that they just made up a separate storyline in the end.  The story was basically – smoke monster, kills people, need to kill it, who cares what it is, get off the island, and BAM… HEAVEN where we all meet later on.

Eh, I could have watched the Celebrity Apprentice Finale, at least I knew what I was in for with that show.  I should get a “Trop-a-rocka” Snapple tea to cool me down… 😉

/rant off