I really liked last nights episode of the Celebrity Apprentice, and I’m happy to say good riddance to Rod Blagojevich.  He is an insult to being a Governor, the state of Illinois should be shocked to have had that fraud as someone in power.  I really believe that the way someone behaves under a task like ones given on the Apprentice speaks to their nature as a leader and communicator, Rod being none of those.  Honestly he was unable to TEXT, or send EMAILS, which begs the question, did he make any decisions himself in office? Looks like he delegates the THINKING to anyone and everyone around him, making him a shallow husk of a leader with no will, vision or thought.

I really hope that the other politicians are at least more tech savy.  It is inexcusable to be in a seat of power and not know how to text or email, OR use a DAMN COMPUTER!?  Come on politicians, get with it.