happyChimpAs I read this story today, I thought to myself, why would you keep a chimp as a pet?  To summerize, a woman kept a pet Chimp, it attacked a friend when she came over for a visit, ripping off her face!

Yes I said it, her FACE!

The helpless owner called the police and pleaded to have the animal shot as it was still ‘killing’ the friend.  Now at this point, I really wonder WTF would you keep a 200LB ape as a pet?  Its got more weight than the woman! Even with that said, why would you be surprised if a WILD animal goes nuts on someone, and oh I dunno TEARS their freaking face off!

Sigh… some people honestly, I will never understand why they do the things they do.

To finish it all off, the owner killed the animal herself with a butcher knife, and then a police officer shot it to make sure it was dead (or just to put it out of its missery).

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